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Ninety-eight border rejections for mycotoxins in 2016

Despite the increased awareness of mycotoxins in foods the level of rejections remains high with 98 notifications in the first two months of 2016, compared with 74 and 64 notifications in the same periods for 2015 and 2014 respectively. Although predictably most rejections concern aflatoxins in peanuts, pistachios, hazelnut and dried figs there are a number of notifications concerning other products particularly spices. Nutmeg, paprika, red chilli, Bird’s eye chilli, dried freekeh, lentil and wheat mix as well as raisins have been found to contain aflatoxins at levels exceeding EU limits. It is also of interest to note that corn flour from Serbia was rejected because of deoxynivalenol levels of 5600 µg/kg and zearalenone levels of 1120 µg/kg, as well as milling rye from Russia containing ochratoxin A (8.9 µg/kg of ochratoxin A.


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