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Scientific Support

We have established a new food testing laboratory for our client from the design stage through to selection and procurement of equipment and instruments and recruitment of staff. We have put operating systems in place and developed a series of SOPs to cover the basic methods needed to operate in food testing. For 3-years we have proved remote day-to-day laboratory management and initiated an innovative R&D strategic development programme.

  • Creating a Scientific Profile

Our private sector clients are being helped to enhance their scientific profiles by the production of ‘easy-to-read’ scientific articles in trade magazine, production of scientific posters for presentation at conferences and in drafting papers for peer-review journals. We are also preparing marketing material as printed copy and for use on web-sites to alert the scientific community to the contributions of our customers to improved food analysis.

  • R&D Project Management

We are writing R&D proposals for consortia involving FLI as a partner, as well as submitting R&D proposals where FLI is a contractor e.g. to EFSA. We are project managing a number of method validation studies e.g. in China which has included a training element. Independent project management offers benefits to project partners of a professional approach to R&D delivery, and minimizing inputs required for project administration.